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Battery Powered TDEM Transmitter

T-4 Transmitter picture


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Dimensions : 20 x 40 x 55 cm
Weight :Approx. 8.0 kg
Environmental : Operating temperature range -40oC to +50oC
Input Power :Ordinary 12V batteries in series (20v to 70v) or Phoenix BP 24/72 selectable-voltage battery pack
Output Current : Max. 40A (MulTEM);
5A (FasTEM) (continuous adjustment)
Output Power : Max. 2.8 kW
Duty Cycle :Max. 50% for TDEM
Max. 100% for FDEM
Repetition Rate : External control (EXT 1 for MuITEM) or (EXT 2 for FasTEM) Internal (test only)
Turnoff Waveform :Linear ramp
Turnoff Time :
(MuITEM Mode)
(40 Amperes)
250m x 250m Loop 135 microseconds
100m x l00m Loop 55 microseconds
50m x 50m Loop 27 microseconds
(FasTEM Mode)
(5 Amperes)
40m x 40m Loop 2.7 microseconds
Meters :Input battery voltage 0 - 100v
Current meter (digital LCD) 0 - 12A, 0 - 50A
Controls :On/off switch, Timing Mode Selector. Damping Selector, Reset Toggle
Indicators :Input ON, Battery polarity, Timing ON, Output HI or LO.
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