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Multipurpose Current Source

T-3 Transmitter picture

  • Compact, portable
  • Low cost
  • Lightweight, highly portable
  • Operates at —20°C to +50°C
  • No cable links required between transmitter and System receivers (V8, RXU)
  • Wide range of power sources: 50 Hz or 60 Hz motor generators or 12 V batteries
  • 32 Hz to 16 s (Time Domain)
  • Approx. 10 kHz to 8 s (Frequency Domain)


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General Information

Front Panel of the T-3 Transmitter The T-3 is a lightweight, versatile multipurpose signal source for use in a variety of geophysical techniques. Weighing only 12 kg, it is easily transportable on a backpack over virtually any terrain. The T-3 can drive either inductive loads (loops) used in TDEM or FDEM techniques, or grounded dipoles used in IP, Resistivity, and CSAMT techniques.

Proven Technology

Phoenix design experience extends over 40 years, and the T-3 builds on this record. T-3 transmitters have been used in countless field surveys under every climatic condition worldwide.

Wide Range of Power Sources

The T-3 can be powered by one or more external 12 V batteries or by Phoenix’s selectable-voltage BP-24/72 battery pack. Alternatively, the power source can be a standard geophysical motor generator, or any of a number of commercially available 50 Hz or 60 Hz motor generators. This flexibility means that the power source (and parts and service) can be obtained almost anywhere in the world.

System Integration

The T-3 can be controlled by a System RXU-TM transmitter monitor, with or without radio networking to a V8 receiver.


Dimensions 20 x 40 x 55 cm
Weight 12 kg
Displays Output current (LCD); line voltage or output voltage (switchable meter)
AC Input 50 or 60 Hz, 200—240V, ≤3.5 kVA
DC Input 12—72 V transmission and 12 V control
Output Voltage 300 V, 600 V, or 1100 V nominal (1000 V maximum in regulated markets)
Output Power Maximum 2.2 kVA
Output Current 50 mA to 9 A
Current Regulation Output ± 0.2% for ± 10% variation in input voltage or electrode impedance
Internal Timing 32 Hz to 16 s (Time Domain); ~10 kHz to 8 s (Frequency Domain)
External Timing DC to 16.384 kHz, via cable link to suitable receiver or clock source such as RXU-TM, RXU-TMR, or MTU-TXC. (RXU-TMR includes radio networking with controlling V8-R multifunction receiver.) All Phoenix receivers and clock sources are GPS synchronized.
Protection Over-current (10.2 A max.)
Under-current (≅0.05 A min.)
Over-voltage (100% of full scale)
Environmental Operating: —20°C to +50°C


CSAMT Controlled Source Audio MT
IP Induced Polarization: Frequency and Time Domain, Phase and Spectral IP
TDEM, FDEM All common Time and Frequency Domain Electromagnetics functions
Resistivity All common Resistivity functions (Dipole, Schlumberger, or Wenner soundings)
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