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For Complex Resistivity, Transient EM and CSAMT

T-200 Transmitter picture

General Informations

T-200 The T-200 is a high-powered controlled source for geophysical applications, including exploration for oil and gas and other minerals.

It can be used for time domain techniques (less than 100% duty cycle), or frequency domain techniques (100% duty cycle).

The turnoff waveform shape is suitable for long period transient electromagnetics ("LoTEM"). The unit can be used for time domain induced polarization (TDIP).

The T-200 can be used for frequency domain techniques including CSAMT (Controlled Source Audio Magnetotellurics), Complex Resistivity (CR), and frequency domain electromagnetics.

The T-200 is designed to use either a grounded (or resistive) load, connected to the earth by suitable electrodes, or a suitable loop of wire (an inductive load).

The control and power switching electronics are located in compartments installed inside the generator compartment.

A microprocessor-controlled panel makes operation relatively simple.

All waveforms are synchronized by GPS, for accurate stacking of waveforms without any physical link between the T-200 and the separate suitable receiving apparatus.


Dimensions :3.8m x 1.5m x 1.8m high
Weight :Approx. 5 tonnes
Environmental :Operating temperature range: -20oC to +40o
Input Power :Integral Phoenix MG-200 - 300HP Diesel - 400 Hz/3 phase alternator
Output Current :Max. 160A
Output Power :Max. 160kW
Output Voltage :Max. 1600V, 2 ranges
Duty Cycle :50% to 100%
Repetition Rate :Up to 256 Hz
Turn-off Time :<50 microseconds (resistive load) Controls Microprocessor based control panel with GPS synchronization Indicators: Mode, Frequency, Current, Voltage, GPS Time, and Faults
T-200 current source and transmitter
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