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Data Acquisition System

SSEM System picture


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General Information

The V8 Wireless Data Acquisition System SSEM comprises:

A current source such as
the T-3 , the new TXU-30 or the T-200

a V8 Receiver

an RXU-TMR transmitter monitor and several auxiliary RXU Receivers (controlled by the V8)

PE-4 non-polarizing electrodes and MTC-30 sensors

and a user-friendly Windows®-like interface developed by our team to provide real-time control and results from all instruments on the radio network.

One great advantage of the wireless system is the elimination of hundreds of kilograms of multiconductor cable. The wireless approach also eliminates the crosstalk that arises in multiconductor cables. Surveys proceed much more efficiently because GPS synchronization and wireless control of the transmitter permits automatic frequency stepping.

A remote Telluric Noise Cancelling reference site (TNC, upper left) improves data quality. The transmitter monitor (TMR) in the lower right also serves in this example as the master radio, relaying communications among the other instruments. Radio range depends on many variables, but even if the network is unreliable, the survey can continue. All instruments save their own data for post processing.
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