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Satellite-Synchronized Data Acquisition Units

MTU receiver

  • Lightweight, portable, rugged
  • No cable links required
  • GPS synchronized
  • 10 000Hz to DC
  • 24-bit digital resolution
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Operable from —20°C to +50°C
  • Available with 2, 3, or 5 channels per instrument (electric, magnetic, or both)
  • Unlimited number of channels per system


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MTU and MTU-A Geophysical Instruments

1kHz to DC
MTU-AMagnetotellurics and Audio-frequency Magnetotellurics
10kHz to DC

MTU 5-AThe MTU is the heart of the V5 System 2000. Introduced in the late 1990s, this patented system has now been used at tens of thousands of survey sites worldwide.

Flexibility of station spacing from kilometres to tens of metres facilitates cost-effective broad reconnaissance or resolution of fine details in a variety of applications.

The MT techniques are excellent supplements to seismic in hydrocarbon exploration, but can also be used alone if logistics or geology make seismic impractical.

GPS synchronization means that multiple stand-alone units can be deployed simultaneously in almost any terrain, with no need for interconnecting cables. A small number of magnetic channels can be combined with many electric channels to form an economical system of virtually any size. The deployment of synchronized remote reference stations permits sophisticated noise-reduction methods during processing.

Several channel complements are available—electric (E) only, magnetic (H) only, or 2E + 3H combined. The units can be purchased for MT alone (MTU) or for selectable MT/AMT (MTU-A).

Acquisition setup files are stored on the removable industrial-grade CompactFlash card for automatic operation. Data files are stored on the same card for easy transfer to the processing PC.


Oil and gas Kimberlites (diamonds)Earthquake research
Metals and mineralsGeothermal reservoirsEngineering and environmental

Summary Specifications

Models & channelsE denotes electric channels; H denotes magnetic channels; A denotes AMT capability
 MTU-2E, MTU-2EA, MTU-3H, MTU-5 (2E + 3H channels), MTU-5A
Frequency rangeMTU: 1 kHz to DC; MTU-A: 10 kHz to DC
Dynamic range130 dB; gain settings variable by factors of 4
Input impedance> 1 MΩ
FilteringPowerline notch filter > 40 dB plus selectable low pass, high pass, band pass
Data storageIndustrial-grade removable flash memory, 256 MB or 512 MB (upgradeable)
SetupProgram file on flash memory or USB, parallel, or serial connection to Windows PC
ADCOne per channel, 24 bits. Samples/second: MTU: 2400 or 3072 MTU-A: 24 000
Timing accuracyBetter than ±100 nanoseconds; oven-controlled crystal oscillator synchronized to GPS
Controls, IndicatorsPower switch; bright LED indicates instrument status via flashing sequence
WeightApprox. 4 kg
Dimensions230 mm x 225 mm x 110 mm environmentally sealed diecast aluminum case
ConnectorsMulti-pin, military-style connectors for sensor input, GPS, and battery Heavy-duty binding posts for electric field inputs and ground
Input power12 V DC from any suitable battery
Power consumptionApprox. 9—12 W depending on the state of operation, plus approx. sensor load (each):
 MTC-50, 625 mW; MTC-50H, 240 mW; MTC-80H, 240 mW; AMTC-30, 140 mW
EnvironmentalOperating: —20°C to +50°C; passive operation causes no environmental damage
U.S. Patent No. 6,191,587
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