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Receiver Accessories

WeatherGuardTM Sun and Rain Shield for Geophysical Instruments

  • Compact, reversible weather shield
  • WeatherGuard Instrument Shield
  • Solar-reflective surface for hot climates
  • High-visibility red surface for easy retrieval
  • Rigid panels within waterproof fabric for quick setup and good ventilation
  • Tent pegs included for anchoring
  • Folds easily for transport and storage
  • Lightweight and portable: only 2 kg


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General Information

WeatherGuard folded In hot climates, a sensitive geophysical receiver left in the sun can easily overheat, damaging the internal components. Although recent Phoenix software automatically shuts down an instrument if its internal temperature reaches 60º C, the case may continue to heat in the sun, eventually damaging the electronics. Even if the equipment is undamaged, an unscheduled shutdown means lost productivity.

The reflecting surface of this custom weather shield protects receivers from the heat of direct sun, helping to keep internal temperatures within operating range. Reversed, its bright red surface not only serves as a rain shield, it makes it easy to find the equipment in the woods or in snow.

Tent pegs and sturdy grommets along the edges hold the shield securely in place on soft ground. A pocket with hook-and-loop closure provides handy storage for the pegs between uses. On hard ground that the pegs won’t penetrate, the shield can be anchored by placing rocks along the generous side flaps.

When opened flat, the shield measures 66 x 107 x 2 cm (27 x 42 x 0.8 inches).
Folded for storage and transport, it’s only 34 x 54 x 4 cm (13.25 x 21 x 1.5 inches).
Weight: 2 kg.

WeatherGuard in woods
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