Phoenix Geophysics
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Although Phoenix Geophysics was founded in May, 1975, the history of the company begins 30 years earlier.

In 1946, a group of Toronto scientists started their own company—they worked in a freezing garage behind an apartment building to make test equipment for electromagnetic (EM) surveys.

George McLaughlin, Bill Cartier, Matthew Perz, Herb Harvey, Ray Anthes and Bill Robinson combined the initials of their family names to form the company name, McPhar.

"We invented and built all sorts of things while starving and trying to make EM a success," recalled Herb Harvey in 1994.

McPhar was indeed a success and was purchased in 1970 by Canadian Industries Limited (CIL). In December 1974 CIL sold McPhar, but not to the employees, who had been hoping to buy it.

Within months, a dozen key personnel from McPhar left to form their own company; in May, 1975, Phoenix Geophysics rose from the ashes of McPhar.
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