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PHOENIX GEOPHYSICS LIMITED is a geophysical manufacturing and contracting company founded in 1975. (View photos from our 40th Anniversary Celebration during the PDAC convention in Toronto, March 2015.) We deliver cost-effective, reliable instruments and services that produce superior results.

We are the world leader in magnetotelluric (MT) and Induced Polarization (IP) instrumentation. Phoenix systems are used in more than 80 countries for exploration and research.

Our clients include mining and oil companies, geophysical contractors, universities, research agencies and government earth science agencies.

Our dedicated workforce is our strength. Innovative engineers and geophysicists put theory into practice, designing new products that meet clients' needs. Skilled technicians build, field-test, and certify our equipment to ensure reliability.

Resourceful crews conduct field surveys in all terrains and climates, from ice-covered barrens in northern Canada to tropical jungles in South America. The entire Phoenix team is devoted to technical excellence and customer satisfaction. Winter survey in Manicouagan, Quebec, Canada

Phoenix scientists work closely with their counterparts in Canada, China, Russia, Japan, Brazil, and other countries around the world to further the understanding of electrical methods. We frequently present our own and co-authored scientific papers at geophysical conferences. Leo Fox addresses a conference in St. Petersburg, Russia

Phoenix Head Office Our home is Canada's largest city, Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario.
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