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Phoenix Geophysics is a geophysical manufacturing and contracting company founded in 1975.

We are the world leader in magnetotelluric (MT) and MT integrated systems.
Phoenix systems are used in more than 80 countries for exploration and research.

Our clients are mining and oil companies, geophysical contractors, universities, research institutes, and government earth science agencies.

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The new Ultra Wideband MT (UMT) System

The new Phoenix UMT system The new Phoenix UMT system supersedes older separate AMT, MT, BMT and Long Period MT systems. Differentiation of AMT, MT, BMT and LP-MT is no longer required.
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The new MTU-RT System

The MTU-RT is an evolution of the world famous MTU-5A. It has a unique capability of making time series available through any wireless communication technology, especially cellular technologies.
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MTC-100 Series Induction Sensors

The new 100 Series Phoenix Induction Sensors eliminate the decades-old artificial division of MT spectrum into Audio-Frequency MT and MT.
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New Sensor Serial Number Format

New Sensor Serial Number FormatPhoenix has adopted a new format for assigning serial numbers to induction-coil sensors. All new sensors will have 5-digit serial numbers beginning with the digit "5". Customers using WinHost, WinTabEd, and SSMT2000 data-processing software should ignore the leading "5" and enter the final four digits to uniquely identify their sensors in the software.
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Photos from our 40th anniversary party!

Photos from our 40th anniversary party!Phoenix was founded in 1975. To celebrate, we invited clients and friends who were able to attend the 2015 PDAC convention to join us for a party. We've put together a page of photos to share with you.
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MTU-A User Guide Updated for MTC-150 Sensors

MTU-A User Guide Updated for MTC-150 SensorsThe V-5 System 2000 MTU-A User Guide has been updated with an appendix to explain how to use the new Broadband MT (BMT) sensor with MTU-A receivers. Existing customers who purchase MTC-150 sensors should log in and download version 3.0 of the User Guide.
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Important CompactFlash Alert!

Important CompactFlash Alert!All customers using CompactFlash cards with Phoenix equipment should read the FAQ explaining the incompatibility of CF cards from different manufacturers. Failure to follow Phoenix recommendations may result in corrupt data, damage to equipment, or both! (Log in before clicking this link so that the correct FAQ will open.)
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Are your WinHost and WinTabEd versions up to date?

Are your WinHost and WinTabEd versions up to date?WinHost and the offline Table Editor (WinTabEd) for MTU and MTU-A are available for download in the Support pages. These versions support the latest induction sensors and also correct a few minor bugs.
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Canadian Innovation in Mining Exploration

Canadian Innovation in Mining ExplorationPresident Leo Fox gave a presentation to the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA) at the 2012 PDAC conference. Click the image or the link to download a .zip file of the slides and notes (17 MB).
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Windows Operating Systems

Windows Operating SystemsCustomers considering the purchase of new computer equipment are advised that Phoenix does not natively support 64-bit Windows operating systems. Software for instrument programming and data processing must be installed on either 32-bit hardware or virtual 32-bit operating systems on 64-bit hardware.
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TestimonialsPhoenix Geophysics has sold equipment, trained personnel and conducted SSMT® electrical geophysical surveys for many organizations in many different countries. Here are the letters we received from our satisfied customers worldwide.
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Phoenix Geophysics Corporate Brochure

Phoenix Geophysics Corporate BrochureTo know more about us, download our PDF corporate brochure.
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Report from the MT community

Report from the MT communityLatest Presentation from Ken Witherley on The Strategic Role for MT in the Search for New Copper Resources
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